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Volume: 1, 8 L

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• Long-lasting: A Metalúrgica cake tins are made from high-strength sheet metal and, with proper care, can be used for many years.

• Sturdy and easy to use: The high-quality materials and coatings we use on our molds will allow you to unmold your cakes without any problems. We recommend greasing the molds with butter and a little flour. The baking temperature of the cake should not exceed 180º.

• Quality: our cake tins are suitable for any level of culinary experience. Beginners can make spectacular cakes very easily. The more experienced can enhance the presentation of their culinary masterpieces, making them unique and unforgettable. Our range of household products (sold in the online store) cannot be used in industrial ovens, as these require the use of suitable materials and coatings. We can supply parts for industrial use that will be designed and produced on request.

• Uniform cooking: The high quality sheets used in the production of our cake tins have characteristics of resistance, durability, consistency and stability that enhance uniform cooking, allowing the heat to be distributed throughout the piece.

• The quality of the materials used to make our molds makes them easy to clean. Simply wipe with a cloth or sponge, a little water and detergent and then dry. (A tip: as the oven is still hot, you can finish drying them in the oven! 😊). Do not rub or use abrasive products. We advise against washing in a dishwasher.